Our history

FILIP has been developing, producing and selling sieve cleaners for plansifter sieves for over 100 years. Here’s where you can discover more about the history of our family business that is simply brimming with tradition.


  • 1919

    The company known as “V. Filip Müllerei-Bürsten-Fabrik” is founded by Vinzenz Filip in the German town of Zeitz
  • 1923

    The first product catalogue is printed and the high quality requirements of FILIP are put down in writing for the first time: “It is my ambition to always deliver the best of the best.”
  • 1925

    A new factory is built in Zeitz
  • 1951

    The company is nationalised by the East German regime of the time and the founder is fully dispossessed
  • 1951

    The founder and his family flee to West Germany as it is known at this time
  • 1954

    The company known as “V. Filip & Sohn Müllereibürstenfabrik” is relaunched from a small garage in Gütersloh by the founder’s son, Martin Filip
  • 1958

    The company moves to a larger facility within Gütersloh
  • 1964

    Dieter Filip, the grandson of the original founder and son of the director at the time, joins the family business
  • 1974

    The company moves once again to an even larger facility within Gütersloh
  • 1975

    The triangular sieve cleaner with metal slider knob for plansifter sieves with backwire is developed
  • 1977

    The founder, Vinzenz Filip, with his two great-grandchildren – the two present-day directors, Tatjana and Mirko
  • 1994

    Dieter Filip takes over as director of the company and changes its name to Filip GmbH Müllereibürsten
  • 1994

    Tatjana Filip, daughter of Dieter Filip, joins the family business as an executive assistant
  • 1999

    The double cleaner with tongue is developed
  • 2017

    Mirko Filip join the family business; siblings Tatjana and Mirko Filip take over as directors
  • 2018

    Shortly after retiring from the company, Dieter Filip dies. He ran the company successfully for over two decades and played a key role in shaping the business as we know it today.
  • 2017/2018

    A new production and administration facility is constructed in Gütersloh
  • 2019

    FILIP celebrates its 100th anniversary